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Introducing The Tire Bag

“Proper maintenance will extend the life of a tire and delay its disposal.”

– Ministry of Transportation in Ontario

Airtight Tire Storage

You can put your seasonal tires in the garage and simply forget about them, or you can use The Tire Bag and help prevent additional cracking from ozone and hydrocarbons. What you may not know is by using an ordinary bag to store your tires or not using a bag at all, you are allowing lubricating oils in the rubber to evaporate. This evaporation is what causes tires to crack. With The Tire Bag, you can help prevent cracks in the rubber, maintaining your tire’s integrity for longer. Because our tire storage bags are airtight, nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out. In this way, our tire bags protect your tires while eliminating dirt, oils, and odours from leaking into your car, garage or basement. You should be able to count on your tires when you need them most. Take advantage of The Tire Bag’s ability to help protect what is essential for your car to run and order yours today.

FREE shipping on orders of TWO or more sets of tire bags!


The Tire Bag is not your average tire storage cover. Our airtight, sealed tire storage bag is the product you absolutely need to help increase the longevity of your tires when stored, keeping your car clean and your tires in better condition for the future.


How does this bag help my tires? Learn the answer to this question and many more on our FAQ page. It is not just about storing your tires, it is about providing our customers with a solution to maintain what is essential for their car to run.


This unique, one-of-a-kind tire bag may be the solution to the tire problems you have run into in the past. You no longer have to suffer from a dirty car, garage or home due to poor tire storage. Your interiors and your tires are in good hands with us.


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