Do what’s best for you and your tires; get The Tire Bag today!

The Tire Bag, a vacuum seal bag large enough to store most passenger vehicle tires, is the only tire storage bag to combine all of the most important elements for storing tires properly. Its airtight seal helps prevent the evaporation of lubricating oils that can cause your tires to crack, while also eliminating odour, dust and staining when you are storing and transporting your tires.

Why use a special bag to store your tire?

The Tire Bag is unlike any other tire storage product you are going to find on the market. What makes us stand out from our competitors is our bag’s capability to store your tire using an airtight seal. Many people do not realize what air can actually do to a car tire. Over time, regular bags will allow the lubricating oils on the rubber of your tire to evaporate. When there is a lack of oil on the rubber, your tires could crack, and if your tires crack, they are no longer going to be effective for driving.

Say goodbye to having a dirty car because of your tires and hello to a revolutionary solution.

It is not just about containing the evaporation level of the oil; it is about providing our customers with a solution to tire storage. You can count on our bags to help preserve your tires in a safe and effective manner, while also preventing a dirty mess in your car or garage. Order your tire bag today!