Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my tire bag need to be airtight?

An airtight spare tire bag is beneficial for three reasons. First, an airtight seal will help protect tires from harmful ozone and hydrocarbon exposure, commonly found in garages, which can cause tires to crack. Second, an airtight seal will help minimize the evaporation of lubricating oils in your tire, again helping to protect against cracking. Finally, an airtight seal will prevent contamination like dirt, oil and odour from leaving your tire during storage and transportation, so you can keep your car and garage clean.

How big is The Tire Bag?

The Tire Bag is 48 inches long and wide, with the bottom of the bag cut on a radius.

Does the bag fit all tire sizes?

The Tire Bag will fit most passenger vehicle tires up to 40 inches in diameter.

Can I use my household vacuum to seal the bag?

Yes, a household vacuum equipped with a hose.

Is The Tire Bag reusable?


Do you ship internationally?


Do I have to buy four at one time?